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Adults can straighten their smile with Invisalign from their dentist in Mentor

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Orthodontic treatment is something that was somewhat limited for many years. Most often, one would see braces on the face of a teenager. Adults who missed getting straighter teeth in their teen years were left to live with misalignment and the problems that go along with it. Misalignment can be distressing for an adult. Hiding the smile is impossible and detrimental to personal and professional interactions. At the same time, bulky metal brackets and wires are very visible, leaving the adult patient in a difficult situation.

Today, people of all ages are able to achieve more attractive, healthier smiles thanks to advances in dental technology. One of the most recognized methods of teeth straightening with clear braces is Invisalign. There is, however, an alternative treatment available from your dentist in the Mentor area. Clear Correct is one of a few different options available at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, and is the ideal solution to misalignment for many people.

At one time, straightening teeth with aligners was considered more of a cosmetic treatment, straightening teeth at the front of the mouth. Over time, the capabilities of this system have expanded. The strong, clear, plastic trays worn for the duration of treatment are now able to improve the bite, correcting problems like underbite and overbite in the most discreet way.

Clear Correct trays are designed using the latest computer software and imaging. Customized trays are worn for a few weeks at a time and may be removed to facilitate brushing and flossing as well as enjoyable meals. In the planning phase, patients are able to see what their corrected smile will look like and will see the steps along the way to their best smile.

Every person is different and has certain needs that must be met in order for misalignment to be corrected. At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, our experienced team, led by Dr. Michael Stern, offer unparalleled care that is tailored to the individual. For some, Clear Correct may not be the perfect solution. During a consultation visit, Dr. Stern will assess the state of teeth and listen to your smile goals and expectations from treatment. From this visit, he will design care that will accomplish the desired outcome.

You’re never too old to correct misalignment. Using advanced technology and discreet materials, your dentist can help you get the smile you have always wanted. Call Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills at 440.210.0999.

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