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OH residents want to know if there is a difference between retail and professional teeth whitening gel

professional teeth whitening , Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills

Once, a dazzling smile was the advantage of youth, as radiance dulled over time due to diet, tobacco, medications, and dental wear. Today, adults can enjoy youthful brilliance with professional teeth whitening gel and techniques from Dr. Michael Stern in Willoughby Hills, OH. About whitening and bleaching While sometimes used interchangeably, there is actually a big difference. Whitening technically means returning teeth to their lightest natural state. This involves removing pigmentation that settles into grooves and pits in tooth enamel, usually by abrasion. For example, a toothpaste containing calcium carbonate, hydrated aluminum oxide, or dehydrated silica gel helps to scrub … Continue reading

Willoughby Hills area dentist explains the benefits of a dental implant

Best dental implant from Dr. Stern in Willoughby Hills area

One of the most popular tooth replacement options available at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is the dental implant. The dental implant explained Dr. Michael Stern describes the dental implant as a tooth root replacement made of biocompatible titanium. This material works with the body, not against it. This small post is surgically placed into the bone of the jaw and stimulates the process of bone growth through osseointegration. This holds the implant firmly in place. Once the process has completed, the implant can be restored using a crown, bridge, or denture. Why choose a dental implant? Dental implants have many … Continue reading

Willoughby Hills area patients can visit Dr. Stern for a dental checkup

Best dental care from Dr. Stern in Willoughby Hills area

Willoughby Hills area patients who are interested in achieving beautiful, healthy smiles for life are encouraged to visit their dentist regularly a dental checkup and cleaning. Dr. Michael Stern recommends patients see their dentist at least twice a year. What is the importance of a dental checkup? Dental checkups are the time for patients to discuss any concerns they have regarding their smiles. The dentist can educate patients on how they can maintain their oral health between appointments. Patients should never feel embarrassed about asking Dr. Michael Stern about the best ways to brush and floss their teeth. The teeth … Continue reading

Avoid braces with orthodontic alternatives in Willoughby Hills

Avoid Braces With Orthodontic Alternatives In Willoughby Hills

If straightening teeth still recalls obvious and unwieldy braces, rethink your options! Dr. Michael Stern and his team offer comfortable, cosmetically-pleasing orthodontic alternatives to braces in Willoughby Hills. ClearCorrect Like conventional braces, ClearCorrect guides crowded, rotated, or improperly-spaced teeth into correct position. Unlike conventional braces, ClearCorrect doesn’t use metal wires and brackets to place pressure on the teeth, which ultimately repositions them. Instead, Dr. Stern will provide you with a series of clear plastic dental appliances that resemble a night-guard. These aligner trays are customized to your mouth for utmost comfort and precision straightening. You have the freedom to remove … Continue reading

Willoughby Hills patients enjoy lasting beauty, strength of dental implants

Patients Enjoy Lasting Beauty, Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills

Considering treatment with a dental implant in Willoughby Hills? You’ve come to the right place. Dr. Michael Stern partners with the area’s most reputable implant specialists. He also offers an alternative to the titanium implant so more patients benefit from this tooth replacement. Smile brighter with this combination of advanced skill and choice. The beauty of modern tooth replacement Whether you need a single implant to replace a tooth or four to six implants to replace a dental arch, this alternative to bridgework and conventional dentures is attractive for many reasons: Dental implant treatment mimics the design of natural teeth … Continue reading

For adults in the Mentor area, alternatives to braces are available at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills

Alternatives to Braces for Adults Mentor Willoughby Hills

Mentor area dentist, Dr. Michael Stern, is proud to offer alternatives to conventional braces for children, teenagers, and adults. The idea of conventional orthodontics using metal brackets and wires to cover the smile throughout treatment is often the main reason why many patients choose not to realign their bite or dental arch for aesthetic or functional purposes. Our team takes the time to educate potential and existing patients on the advantages of alternatives such as ClearCorrect, Invisalign, and Ortho-Tain. The first option is that of aligner therapy. ClearCorrect and Invisalign are two popular brands of aligner therapy and can be … Continue reading

What alternative to braces are available for Mentor area patients?

Alternatives to Braces Mentor Willoughby Hills

Dr. Michael Stern of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is a dentist in the Mentor area who understands that patients are often turned off at the idea of traditional braces for addressing areas of malocclusion. Our team believes that alternatives to braces should be available, allowing patients to achieve a more attractive smile without the embarrassment or unsightly appearance of conventional orthodontics. This is why our team offers ClearCorrect, Invisalign, and Ortho-Tain solutions for teenagers and adults interested in improving the alignment of their dental arch and/or bite. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are two different brands of clear aligner tray therapy. This … Continue reading

What methods of orthodontic treatment are available through our practice for Wickliffe area patients?

Orthodontics Treatment Wickliffe

Orthodontic treatment is one of the most effective ways for Wickliffe area patients to address misalignment of the dental arch and/or the bite. Dr. Michael Stern of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is a dentist who offers comprehensive care for patients who are ready to tackle an imperfect smile with orthodontia. Orthodontic treatment often brings to mind metal brackets and wires covering the smile, which can have a negative connotation to many patients in the Wickliffe community considering straightening their smiles. This is why the team of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills encourages patients to consider alternative solutions that are readily available. … Continue reading

Clear braces alternatives available in Willoughby Hills

Clear Braces Willoughby Hills

Realigning the smile brings to mind the appearance and discomfort of traditional orthodontics. Metal bracket and wire braces are often a source of embarrassment for patients who need to use them to repair the alignment of their dental arch and their bite. However, thanks to continued advances in dentistry, patients have a variety of clear braces solutions which are also readily available at the practice of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills. First, our practice offers two types of clear braces known as aligner therapy. Aligner therapy works by having patients wear specially-made trays which are made of clear professional-grade plastic for … Continue reading

Which invisible braces options are available for patients in the area of Willoughby Hills?

Invisible Braces Willoughby Hills

At the practice of Dr. Michael Stern, patients can enjoy a wide range of cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry procedures. Many patients in the Willoughby Hills area are unaware that they are able to enjoy orthodontic services as well. Orthodontics focuses on the alignment of the bite and the teeth. Not only is this important for aesthetics, but it can also reduce problems associated with poor bite alignment (such as TMJ and TMD) and oral health. When patients are considering realigning their teeth, they may be fearful of dealing with metal bracket and wire braces. Thanks to continued advances in … Continue reading